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Press ENTER to run all the test on the flash mem it will go through all the test unitl the last chip has been tested.


you prabably dont anderstant what I say in provious post. You start Audya hardware test with F1 hold button and after a will pres F5 to swich what are you want to test.With F1 button you can test panel lights ON and Off,with F2 button you can test DSP shecksum and with F3,F4,F5,F6,F7 you can test ather stuf like DSP1,DSP2,INPUT,USB,and MICRO.
If you chouce (for exsample F3 or F7) or eny ather button except F1 and F2 after I press Enter button nothing hapened.Kayboard dont show eny progres or result of test...
I only ascking if that normal or I am doing somethin wrong.
Thank you once again.