I am easy to please, I don't like been drip fed information, if there are problems and people know the answers and people are struggling with kit, there needs to be full discovery and disclosure. Why is flash memory falling over, I have never heard of anything that is so unstable, it's like Miscrosoft 3.00, why are so many people frightened of turning on their Audyas, will it work won't work and if it doesn't who shall I turn to. Leezone, don't quote me look at the people with problems, it might be you next week and me the week after.

And this is more confusing there is no logic to this "The file - 'Audb0000.pcm' is infact for KetA02.

AJ is it possible for you type out the full list, which pcm is for which chip just in case our KB goes Hyper!

AJ what could these be "I don't know why 'his' flash went bizar but there are a couple of environmental factors that could make a flash memory 'forget' it's contents and he could have encountered one of such ... I don't know for a fact and won't speculate either.

Are the Audya electronics sturdy enough for World Wide power supplies, is there a pattern for these probelms???



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