This is the first time I have seen this procedure and there a lot of people who have had problems with volume problems and Int Phase error, is this an official procedure and if so why have Ketron not issued this. Also it appears complex for someone whose first language is not English, would it be possible to do a YouTube clip for it and then anyone could follow it. And why is this flash going bizar as you say??

Regards Tony

PS This sounds a bit odd, that file Audb0600.PCM is for Chip 05, only Ketron could come up with something like that, presume Audb0000.PCM is for chip 01, this is what you said below:

"Go to the file "Audb0600.PCM and highlight. [This is the file associated with the KetA05 chip]. Press DISK MENU and press ENTER to select this file (blue dot next to it)."
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