Hi all.
I'm issuing 3 update patches that you must install in order.

This update adds VSTi / TXT functions to the program and also updates your Database content with all the sound for Superware P8, Trancer and Performer. The TXT files for those libraries that this program can now generate fix all issue with the Lionstracs original files. Now when you select a sound you get to hear the actual sound selected and not the next one on the list. A number of sounds are also missing from the Lionstracs TXT file for performer. This has also been addressed in this release. This update also adds a button on the Patch pages called “Add Another Patch” in order to speed up the process of adding new sounds without having to access the menu.

This update contains revisions and new functions for the Toolbar/Menu for managing all sounds.

This update gives the program the ability to print VSTi / TXT sound lists.


To install.
1: Run LSCP Gene
2: Click on File
3: Click on Update
4: Select your first update patch and click ok to update the program.

Please repeat these step to install the remaining two update patches.

Kind Regards
James Tubbritt

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