Hi Dennis.

Can you give an update for the above? And as Domenico dis a fix for the misplaced sounds, do we still need to run the update patches you kindly provided earlier in the thread?

I highly recommend installing the 3 patches posted in this thread. They give you lots of new features and they will add VSTi's to your database.

Domencio's TXT for P8, Trancer and Performer have mistakes in them, where LSCP Gen will generate the correct TXT files for you and it's already populated with all the sounds so you only have to press the Write button.

Regarding uploading the RAR of the GB Bank my script fixed.... I don't know if it's worth uploading at this point. In fact I feel it's best to park everything until Domencio releases OS4.3.

As soon as I started writing LSCP Gen Domenico started making changes to how the entire keyboard sees the files. It's impossible to finish the program and keep compatibility good if the goal posts keep changing, so I think it's best at this point that I wait until OS4.3 is out and I can see what Domenico has done.

With regards to my fixed GM Bank, in OS4.3 Domenico has given the system the ability to scan the LSCP files just like the script I wrote that scanned and fixed his GM Bank. But I don't know how far Domencio's script goes. Does it just report broken sounds or will it fix his GM Bank like my script does ?

It's questions like that and more that are stopping me from being able to move forward and upload the fixed GM bank. I don't want to upload massive files for no reason.

However when I click on add another patch, the Path To Giga File, goes back to empty, and I ahve to go through the finding the hard drive, folder and the folder containing the next sound.

It's supposed to display “Not Set” each time you create a new patch because you obviously have to specify the actual giga file your assigning to that patch. However when you click on the Browse button it should bring you back to the last folder you were working from.

If you are saying here that it's not doing that, and that you are having to navigate through folders to get back to where your giga files are, then this is more likely a Vista / Win7 thing. Right click on the desktop Icon for LSCP Gen and set it to run as administrator and run the program now. That should fix the problem. The program must be run that way anyway otherwise Windows won't let it write to your hard disk.

lol.... It's a windows “feature” for our benefit that is designed to cause problems.

I may be mistaken, but didn't you fix this in an update?

Nope, it was never a bug.