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Hi Dennis
I see, you have an earlier version of Colossus which uses the Kontakt player sound engine, (Later versions moved over to the East West Play Engine) hence the link to NI.
When you have Colossus up and running, update the Kontakt Player to the latest version, (4) as while it won’t give you any more dedicated Colossus features, (These are determined by East West) it is more efficient with disc streaming, CPU use and Ram. (You can load and use more sounds compared to the older versions)
Hope this helps


Yes Bill, that helps a lot

I have it installed (although I only have 13 days left now,) and I noticed that as soon as I got to about 4 instruments loaded, my RAM went down to about 30mb..(I have 4 gig installed).

So I decided to change over to an AMD motherboard and use the AMD quad core that ran too hot on the Media Station, and run it to 8 gig of ram.

That tip from you, will make a big difference as well

Still awaiting a response from the seller re his contact with NI.