Hi Nedim,

No , no news yet from NI, (by the way Bill, Bandstand is also listed as a product under the NI support request page...)

And it is Colossus I have NOT Bandstand

The seller DID contact me to say he is going to also try and contact NI, and see what they can do, so maybe all is not lost...

I would have bought Goliath, except iLok have no intention of making it compatible with Linux, well thats what they told me when I was looking. It was why I went with Colossus, as it is "challenge response"

I already have Real Guitar (came with Sonar 8.5), so its ready to go....

Anyway fingers crossed

It IS putting a BIG slowdown on my commercial plans though, I was going to be using Colossus with a new online venture.

Oh well, guess it gives me more time to learn how to do a web-page


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