Originally posted by Irishacts:
You can use everything at this point except the Lionstracs GM library which is intended to replace your official Lionstracs GM bank.

The only reason why you can't use it right now is that you also need to download the sample data I haven't yet uploaded which will replace all Lionstracs GM Giga files. Give me a day or two at most and I'll get that online.

BTW... If you have Bandstand you can use LSCP Gen to make the file for that too right now. It's already populated with the exact file names you will get when converting Bandstand with Extreme Sample Converter into Giga files.

There's also a GM VSTi bank in the library for those who want to run Bandstand as a VSTi and not as a Giga Library.

In short you can use everything now except for the Lionstracs GM bank as your just waiting on me to upload the sample data for that library now.


Hi James

Can you give an update for the above? And as Domenico dis a fix for the misplaced sounds, do we still need to run the update patches you kindly provided earlier in the thread?