Originally posted by miden:
Thanks Bachus, although I have discovered a problem wiht it.

I bought it from a dealer in Germany, who told me it was clearance of old software. He did NOT tell me it had been previously registered!!!

So I have asked NI, if they can re-issue the serial number to me, for a fee if necessary...

Otherwise, its $320 down the drain and I throw it in the bin.

I have advised NI of this dealers name and address.

So we will see what happens.


Hi Dennis
Are you talking Bandstand or Colossus, as $320 for Bandstand is almost 4 times more then it cost new?
If its Colossus, then this is made by East West not NI, and requires it to be registered to an iLok key.
In both cases you can transfer the licence by the seller contacting the manufacture, and informing them of the new owner.
Hope this helps

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