Hi Bernie,
maybe even try downloading sgm180 again. I've had the odd occasion where a font is corrupt thru downloading process. You can't really tell till you try & use it or put it into a soundfont editor

my sgm180 does work. The size should be
sgm180 = 179,306 kb, if yours is a different size , then I'm guessing something has gone wrong in the download.

I should clarify the one I couldn't load was a papalmedia , so I've downloaded it again. I think it was faulty.

Your 768mb ram should be more than enough for synthfont & sfz.

On my old 512mb dell laptop
using forte & livesynth pro
I was able to load a font 280 to 300mb.
Same computor using an audigy usb soundcard to load the fonts ( instead of forte/livesynth pro)
The largest font I could load was about 200mb.

I tried hubby's 512mb compaq yesterday with Synthfont.
I had a different soundfont bank on everytrack ie sgm 180, sgm128, provitamin, synergi.
I'm guessing Synthfont only loads the preset used in each track ( be it piano, bass drums etc)
No way could it have loaded all the above full banks ( which add up to about 600mb,) into a 512mb computer.

The extra ram always comes in handy. My 512mb was barely enough.

best wishes

[QUOTE]Originally posted by Bernie9:
I think you are right about the SGM180. I tried it again with Synthfont and 768MB RAM. It gave me an error message about the tracks. I load Phoenix, no problem. I am going to try SGM128.

BTW I tried SGM180 with SFZ, and got the same response, that I didn't have enough memory, hogwash! I wonder about the memory allocation. I have forgotten how to do that.

There was no question that I needed more memory to handle decent fonts.
best wishes
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