Well, I deleted Synthfont and some other programs I've downloaded recently, and what do you suppose. After fiddlin' I got Synthfont to work using their Synthgm voices. A major accomplishment. I try to switch to the sgm180 and same old error "Nothing to play"

So can someone tell me how to switch from one set of soundfonts to the other. I've been just changing the default player and that will change what's listed under file name but, one set sounds and the other, nothin'.

I am wondering if it makes a difference where the sgm180 is downloaded to, if there is a certain way to associate it with SF.

I would be interested in hearing the sgm180 because the synthgm is a bit thin I'd say.

Now maybe I should delete all the OMB stuff and start from scatch. I did have something come up before, an error that said something about midfi feedback..blah, blah. If I remember correctly I read someplace that could crash my computer if the safety device didn't catch it.