I think you are right about the SGM180. I tried it again with Synthfont and 768MB RAM. It gave me an error message about the tracks. I load Phoenix, no problem. I am going to try SGM128.

BTW I tried SGM180 with SFZ, and got the same response, that I didn't have enough memory, hogwash! I wonder about the memory allocation. I have forgotten how to do that.

There was no question that I needed more memory to handle decent fonts.
You probably have two sticks of 128 in your PC. If you don't get enough memory, you will be wasting money, if there but two slots, something has to be discarded. I chose to discard 0ne 128, and substitute a 512, giving me the 512 and a 256. But this isn't my main computer. The decision on memory depends on what you intend to run. Software apps are memory hogs. On a main software computer, you should have between 1 and 2GB. You could get a 512 for awhile and see. That is the minimum I would go.
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