As always thanx for all the info from everybody.

Bernie9: I am trying to get SFZ and SGM180 to work but am getting these messages:

"Current sample rate is unsupported by selected ASIO hardware. Sample rate changed to 48000 Hz"

I am using my studio quality Mia 24/96 sound card by Echo Audio. I also have ASIO4all, I believe it's called, but it seemed when trying Hypercanvas with Live Styler that it sounded better with the Mia. I wonder if I need to change some setting on the Mia. If so, I am not sure which one or to what.

"There's no enough memory to load the selected SoundFont."

I see the SGM180 is 78.9MB. And while I just discovered my 80GB HD has become about filled in a year and a half it shows Free Space: 2.26GB, Total Size: 74.5GB.

Any ideas why I am getting not enough memory to load message while it's only 78.9MB and I've got 2.26GB Free Space?

Since I discovered the HD is so full I am planning on emptying it out onto CD-R's, but currently I see my old CD burner went kaput.