I have thought this over. I believe if I am having this much difficulty with my background not to mention my wifes background teaching, selling and playing concerts on home organs,then I believe I need to suggest to those that are producing soft arrangers should have an easy quick start where a person with less knowledge than my wife and I could follow each step of a step by step process.

If there is a step by step approach with either OMB or LS I missed it. If someone can point that out, fine. Otherwise I feel I need to advise those that are making these programs to have a quick start for our benefit as well as theirs, because I can gaurantee they are now selling about 1/10 of what they could be as it stands.

I feel the problem is the techs don't know how to relate to a lay person.

So I will contact those that hopefully can/will do this for all interested in this.