I am in the same boat, this is all new to me. It can get to you if you let it. I take the pro's advice, and go a step at a time. When you have had it, let it rest. The only problem is I hate to give up and admit defeat.

I am trying to learn my Receptor, B4, Kontakt2, Colossus, while trying to learn how to program a controller. This is in addition to getting a good sounding GM soundset in either SFZ or Synthfont.

By your earlier post, it sounded like you were low on memory. I bought 512MB for $60, to add to my 256MB. We'll see today if that was the problem.

pa4X 76 ,SX900, Audya 76,Yamaha S970 , vArranger, Hammond SK1, Ketron SD40, Centerpoint Space Station, Bose compact