Hi Scott,
I downloaded synthfont. The 2 Demo songs actually have a soundfont especially created for each of the songs. I don't think you actually heard them with sgm180?

There may be a simpler way of listening to your own midifiles, but I did get this to work.

Load your midifile.
Press the "Four Tracks " icon near top left hand corner.
Your midi tracks should all be visible.
Individually Right Click all the tracks under the" File" icon
You get a drop down menu " Assign soundfont file" left click
Locate your soundfont & press open.

You just assign sgm180 to each of the tracks.

You could probably mix n match soundfonts.
Your midi program changes should actually be part of your midifile. Appears you can actually do a fair bit of editing.

best wishes
Originally posted by Scott Langholff:
So, all midi files must not be created equally. I listened to SynthFont with the 2 demo songs. They sound pretty good for synth stuff.

I thought I'd try other midi files I have. None of the others work. "Nothing to play" is the error message I keep getting.

Can someone explain this to me please? I suppose there is some program that will convert one form to another?

Maybe learning Greek would be easier?
best wishes
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