I totally get where your coming from. I too, have strong feelings about the disrespect some entertainers show their audiences and clients.

On one hand, the Activity Director MUST be an advocate for their residents. However, if an act is well received by the residents, and the AD refuses to bring them back-they're going to have to explain why. Usually to a bean-counter at Corporate who wants to know why we're not providing the entertainment for the residents they want.
Corporate: Why aren't you using Joebob...your people love him...

AD: He's faking it...I want someone who can really honestly perform...

Corporate: Did you people complain?

AD: No

Corporate: Well, then...hire the guy...we're here to make these residents happy, not you or I or the local music critic, ok?

It happens all the time-but from experience, many AD's just don't want the hassle.

It's a slippery slope in the nursing homes...

Bill in Dayton

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Bill in Dayton