Thank you, Bernie. Someone gets it...

There are plenty of minimum wage jobs I can happily do before I will actually lip-synch or play-synch for money.

Fortunately, somehow still they appear to be willing to pay to hear me actually PLAY, maybe I'll just have to leave it to someone younger, taller, and better looking to actually "play-synch' to MY playing, and just stay home and collect the royalties...

I suppose, all kidding aside, that it boils down to, as an entertainer, if you don't have EXACTLY what they ask for, is it better to lip-synch exactly what they want, or do you consider yourself a good enough entertainer or musician that, if you don't give them exactly what they ask for, what you DO give them will keep them happy and entertained...?

I'm sorry, but I feel that lip-synching is the last refuge of those that cannot entertain on their own merit. Someone asks me for a tune, and I don't know it, I guarantee I can play something else they WILL enjoy.... Or, God forbid, maybe I can't play anything they want. If the large majority of my audience is happy with what I do do (doo-doo! Get it?! ) why am I going to beat myself up about just one unhappy camper?

Definitely not enough to make me consider karaoke as an alternative Whatever happened to pride and self-esteem? Or is it just the check? I dunno.... but I hope that, although any of us could defend lip-synching out of, well, perhaps fairness or whatever , I can only hope that none of us actually WOULD go out and do one of those Disney pre-canned shows, with no input of our own at all...

Seriously, would any of us play a lip-synch show if offered it?

I sincerely hope not... [img][/img]
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