Mike- I have no issues at all with a variety of different entertainers. What I do have an issue with is when someone is hired to something, then fakes it apparently with out any knowledge or approval from the actual client. It's a pretty ballsy thing to pull, IMO...My loyalty in that situation is to my client who has asked me my advice, not a musician who I really don't know anything about. YES, there may be circumstances that have made it a reasonable thing to do, which I again suggested she talk to them before deciding anything.

Gary-Yes, many places around Dayton/CBus/Cincy have Resident Councils. Your description of them is dead on. Likewise, there are several meetings a year of AD's who share entertainment contacts.

Fran-I had no knowledge of these issues with those entertainers, none at all...Until she asked to talk with me about it. I guess I disagree with your characterization that "I offered it up." In this case, the specific AD had mentioned letting them go if it turned out they were faking it and denied it. I supported her in that feeling. I also suggested to her that before she did anything that she sit down and talk with them about it. I agree 1000% about your description of what the residents are looking for.

I've suggested several "acts" to various facilities and usually they're very satisfied and continue to use them on a regular basis.

Lastly, I was worried when I got my 1st arranger that everyone would think I was riding sequenced songs and not really playing any more. So, I "showed" my new keyboard to most of my clients...Gave them a quickie demo on how it worked and that it requires that I actually play. Everyone seems to appreciate that and there's plenty of references toward me being one of the "real musicians" that come in. Certainly not the best, but I do play every song.

My point here guys wasn't to go after anyone gratuitously, but the client herself felt cheated, to use her words. As an entertainer, she wanted my take on whether she had a right to feel that way or did most entertainers do this.

Maybe its the market I'm in, but their have been some absolute ass-clowns working around here the last several years. One guy has been dropped by several NH's because he gets too friendly with the residents and some staff...Another hurled racist comments at a minority staff member during an Elvis show...another cussed at a noisy resident...

These guys need to be put out of business. This really doesn't effect me in terms of gigs so much, but AD's have tough jobs without entertainers coming in and being inappropriate to the residents.

They should get our best efforts, right?

There are several guys who do an absolute terrific job and they're getting more and more work. I'm really happy for that...

Bill in Dayton

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Bill in Dayton