Isn't the bottom line, when entertaining a senior residence NOT what YOU are doing but how is the audience RESPONDING to what you are doing? If you're lip-syncing, or you're playing the same songs all the time, or you're letting MIDI files wander mindlessly all over the room while you read the sports page, or doing bench presses with your keyboard, etc, does it really matter as long as the audience is being well entertained? Isn't the primary mission of an entertainer to please the audience and second to entertain everyone that's left (including all AD's)?

Yes, I'm playing Devil's advocate! In reality, I have no respect for the entertainers Bill described here. But I also have to go with....if the residents are happy with what they're hearing then THAT is what matters in theory.

I throw this out as fodder for remarks from other members about how they see our role as musician/entertainers? Do you please the Activity Director, do you please the onlookers, do you please yourself, do you please your peers, do you please your Higher in this you please your audience?