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I agree with each his/her own. I'm glad there are few PA800 enthusiasts, because it makes my act even more special. This is the best board on the planet people! Use your imagination and dig into the fabulous styles/sounds/pads/harmonizer/breaks/fills/songbook. Use every one of them and see how creative and fantastic you will sound...enough said.

Without trying to sound like a broken record I'm very happy with the Pa800's big brother the Pa2xPro. For my needs it does the job. Yup, it doesn't have the upteen different 3rd party styles available for Yammie I miss that for sure and with some tunes I have taken a different approach on how they are played. The board has given my cocktail hour type gigs a more contemporary sound with the Korg styles. The Songbook feature is the what I think to be the single best feature. I like the ability to easily create play lists vs the series of gig disks I use to create or borrow from others with my Tyros2. I find the playlist feature easy to use. Oh, did I mention 76 keys That's not to say that I'll never own another Yamaha or Roland arranger. I try to keep an open approach to what I use. What works this year may not work next year. I still own a Clavinova CVP 307 and wouldn't part with it, it's a great instrument and anytime I have doubts I made the wrong choice with the PA2xpro all I need do is sit at the Clav and I can reassure myself the Korg was the right choice this year..............

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