I'm not against those who like 61 key keyboards. To each his own. What I can't understand is why Yamaha, who knows that many arranger keyboard players would prefer a "choice" of either a 76 key version or the 61 key version, or quite possibly even an 88 key totl arranger if the weight wasn't a big factor; why they choose to ignore that sector of the market. On this forum alone we had half of our members saying they would prefer 76 keys and in some instances wouldn't mind an 88 key totl arranger if it wasn't too heavy like I said. I agree that the manufacturers are in it to make a profit but when they leave a good segment of their customer base in the lurch and having to search for another brand from another company it speaks of condescension on Yamaha's part toward their customers (the consumer) or possible new customers also waiting in the wing - or the better word 'lurch'. I think it has hurt Yamaha too. For one it is hurting their image in the eyes of the consumer. Maybe not so much in the short term but in the longer term when people simply bypass Yamaha altogether when they see Yamaha's stubbornness to "get with the times" and that they don't really care for other segments of the market except the one where their greed is fed the most i.e. in the 61 key market. When Yamaha's method of operation is based solely on their survival, instead of the needs of market and what the consumer is asking for, then it really strikes of arrogance, or even worse, narcissistic; especially in regard to their complete lack of empathy toward that 'other' segment of the market. At least that's how I view it. If they truly cared for the need of, we as the consumer, they would bend over backwards to fill that need. Instead, they play it ultra safe, so they can count their money at the end of the day and all the way to the bank - consumer be damned. Except the ones that continue buy their 61 key mid and totl keyboards of course though. As long as there are people who keep feeding Yamaha's all consuming hunger for "PROFIT" ABOVE ALL MENTALITY, they will keep obliging them and pumping out those 61 keyers. Even if there are a multitude of others on the sideline left to wait in the lurch with no other recourse but to find some other company who WILL meet their needs, even though they may have been loyal and dedicated yamaha customers for years on end. Go figure Yamaha. Or better yet, go count your money...

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