If splinters of the arranger keyboard market the market want to buy a 76 key arranger then they have Korg and Roland and whoever else to go to. Yamaha DONT HAVE TO cater to All the market. Just the PORTION OF THE MARKET that IS THE MOST PROFITABLE and buys their instruments ,year after year, through brand loyalty, and probably not wanting to learn a whole new operating system. Yamaha's market consistently upgrade every time the next best yamaha comes along, they dont swap brands based upon technology, musicality or functionality. They stick with what they know and for the most part yamaha's market ARE NOT PRO MUSICIANS. Has the penny dropped yet......

I will spell it out for you H.O.M.E P.L.A.Y.E.R.S

This market is not screaming for 76 keys. And yamaha will not mess with a formula that is so successful. Only a someone commercially naieve would mess with market sensitive features. Thats SIZE AND WEIGHT. Can you make a 756 keyboard the same size and weight as a 61 ? If not then you are messing with features that the market is sensitive to. Yamaha know their market.

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