This thing on 61 vs 76 is SIMPLE.
It's a no brainer to offer both.

The engineering and mfg cost is trivial.
A 61 vs 76 MIDI keyboard is less than $200 difference. That include cabinet and keys!
Of course it helps when your cabinet straight forward, like S900.

Any Mfg that does not offer both is MISSING THE BOAT. Some of us want 61, others 76.

Asside from political reasons 61 and 76 should be available in every arranger!

End of story.

I talked to a Roland factory Rep. on Saturday, he said some of the reason the G-70 did not sell as well as expected was due to pricing differences/availability from different KINDS of Dealers(Piano stores vs others). He said that issue is fixed but he did not expect the sales to catch up. The G-70 is super, IMHO I don't think lack of sales was due to 76 keys vs 61.


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