Originally posted by BEBOP:
I received an email questioniere from Yamaha a couple of days ago. I think it was about 30 questions, maybe more.
I spent quite a bit of time on it to be sure I really got the answers right as they related to me and my experience.
I submitted it to them. A few hours later they emailed me again, stating they had sent me the wrong questions and asked if I would do it over.
I politely declined.
I used to go to local seminars where they paid me 200.00 and a meal for a round table discussion in front of two way mirrors that hid their execs.
Now they want me to do it for free and can't even get it right.

I got the same survey and same 2nd e-mail requesting doing the survey over. I did, they were pretty much the same questions. Looks like the first survey was designed for UK customers since all monetary vaules were in Pounds, the second survey quoted US Dollars. As far as I can tell that was the only difference. BTW there was no question as to my preference for 61 or 76 keys