Oh my gosh... I just figured it out!

A Yamaha Motif XS8 goes for $3,199....A Tyros 2 goes for $3,495.
Actually the difference with Korg is even more!

OK, let's see here... Ah a Motif XS8 uses a much more expensive 88 note graded hammer ation...and is all metal..but it costs $300 less than a Tyros 2 with a much less expensive to build 61 note synth action (great action though!)and is all plastic.

It'a all about profit!
Manufacturing costs.
The profit margin must be huge on the arrangers. They all cost a lot more than the PRO synths.

They can get us arrangers guys to spend $3,495 for an arranger but the PRO's on Motifs only $3,199.

So all these big bands with money to spend pay less than us home keyboard folks!

Interesting...but we do it!
I guess as long as we are forking it out, they will gladly take it.

The Motif XS does not have anywhere near the the quality , detail or number number of styles within it. The styles cost money to make the , musicians and programmers spend many thousands of hours to produce these balanced detailed intuitive and realistic styles you cannot compare the two.

For example the Mediastation is one of the most sophisticated keybaords available with arranger features but the arranger element i think universally is regarded as below the standard of all the other major arranger providers. You would think that with all the great sounds potentially available through the mediastation it would fix its arranger function as a priority right ? The problem is however that it costs many thousands of pounds to hire professional musicians who have the ability to play every genre of music (over 300 styles each style with up to 4 variations at least ) and then very proficient programmers and sound technicians to record and edit and balance the parts as styles .

I cant speak for Mediatstation but i would guess that cost is a major prohibitor in it truly fulfilling its promise to be a top flight arranger.

I've probably said too much. Carry on !