OK friends,

Not sure how this escalated into looking like some star with multiple bookings. It was not meant to become that and I am not a star - if so, I'd be in Hollywood

I am simply one who works hard at his craft, both in booking and practicing. I think if everyone busts their butts to get bookings, they will. I guess that's why I don't have time to post demos or other things because I put my all into performances and preparation.

I am very lucky to have grown kids and a wife that does most things around here so I can do the love I've always wanted. Some husbands/Dads don't have that freedom and that factors into the equasion too.

Enough of me please, but thanks to those who took time to respond - much appreciated.

I promise one day to post some instrumentals and vocals, all arranger style playing (sorry Fran)

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