I am probably about as successful as Zuki, and I haven't posted any demoes. But I will soon, I promise.

Zuki, the same happens to me. You live in a big metropolitan area. If you are good, which apparently, you are, then there will always be enough work for you. You don't have to have the trophy of every place on your roster.

There's always going to be jerks out there. Don't let them get to you. You are very blessed to be making a living.

Zuki, to make yourself feel better, you should do retail therapy and get yourself a PSR-S900. I am having so much fun, playing with the new voices. It's also great to hear a lot of styles I have been playing with some of the new megavoices, especially the Mega Nylon guitar. A lot of the Tyros 2 styles that I have sound better on the PSR-S900 as there are a few more Mega Voices. The same goes for the CVP-409 styles that a friend just sent me.

I have also been enjoying the Keyfax organ voices made for PSR1500 and above, that picked up at www.arrangerworkstaton.com. They are really cool.

Zuki, you are busting butt gigging. You deserve a new keyboard!