Just arrived back from 2 gigs today to a rash of comments I didn't expect.

MOE: You have it right on!
DREAMER: I'm happy with your comment. I felt guilty all day.
DONNY: Why would I lie about the amount of gigs I play a month? I thought it was normal to have that many, if full time. I don't publish my earnings, but I can assure you I don't play next to nothing ($410 on Saturday alone). I will not boast about the number of jobs I have anymore - I'll keep it to myself.
IAN: I have a strong sales/marketing backgroung and use those skills to book myself via phone calls and letters. I practice ALL THE TIME to better myself and work on new material. Of course, now that I have played my first year (started in Feb with one job that month, I've been rebooked up to 10 times in the subsequent months per each account I've played).

Seems I have to apologize everytime I make a comment these days. Now it's for not posting demos. I'll try to get that done soon as my schedule slows down.

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