Wow that is a lot of jobs, something to be proud about. And yes keep telling us, I enjoy hearing about someone’s success. You might even share your method of playing and salesmanship with the other members on this forum, I am sure it would be appreciated. Helping others is always a good thing.

Let me say this gently – If there are three hundred people who love me and there is one who does not – and it troubles me, what am I saying about myself.

Zuki, I have been there, thinking that the whole world was about me, is not a good place be. That woman my have had many reasons of not wanting you to hire you --- and the reasons have nothing to do with you personality or your music. It could been her time of the month, you reminded her of her ex-husband or whatever. The bottom line is that you are being hired and approved of sixty times a month, is it possible that they are wrong about you and your playing and personality??? No my friend they are not.

Only MHO, John C,