Zuki, there is a particular Agency we know (a Married Couple) who are a couple of grand Wankers (Australian slang).

They haven't booked us despite sending demos, EPKs and constant emails for a year!

I eventually gave up on them after hearing more than one Musician (and even a Comedian I worked with) thought they were just too prickly to deal with - *understatement alert*

I don't lose (too) much sleep over it now, the only reason I lose SOME is they book for a couple of venues (Casinos) we'd LURVE to get into.

Like yourself, we're very popular (um - not 2 gigs a day popular though!!!) so I've realised that sometimes, it's THEM not YOU if you know what I mean!

G'luck with the rest of your career bud!

God I hate signatures.