We just parked our Mackie system in favor of the L1 mod II and Tone Match. This system is like having a HiFi System in a Venue.

Anyone sanding within 180 degrees of the "pole" hears EXACTLY the same sound including the wife and I. Stereo is not needed because its only good for those who are in the middle of the speaker array. The rest get an unbalanced sound.

The Mackies were LOUD. The Bose PAS is musical.

Those who sat on the sides received the sound bouncing off a wall floor or ceiling. The Bose are direct to 180 degrees and no ceiling or floor reflections. The most amazing thing is the clarity.

Set up and Strike takes 10 minutes, The Tone Match has preset scenes for different venues and players who may join us. It was the best $3000 we ever spent on our gig. AND the best part is when you go to sell it you don't lose much. They sell on Ebay for 3/4 of their retail value because they are not discounted at all by the dealer agreements keeping the value up.

That all said I am still trying to decide between the Yamaha and Korg........
Yamaha Tyros 4
Yamaha Motif XS8
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Casio PX-330
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