I am tempted by this new Korg - it may be the next one - i have a Roland G70 but as guarantee has run out that;s a good excuse to spend some pennies . Also i like the flash memory for storing samples - interested in totaltransformation theatre organ samples amongst others - are the demos on that site for real? thy sound way above even the atelier 90s . Good to see they have doubled the polophony of the Pa1X . I am disappointed in the songbook (according to PA800 manual which i believe this pro model is loosely based on) only having "some 100" factory presets included - the equivalent tyros / roland have many hundreds . I have my usual 3 yearly 1000 to spend (never budge pass that limit if i can help it!) in p/x so will probably have to wait some time before price gets within reach..

If the G80 or Tyros 3 is imminent then they better hurry , a lot of people could go for the Korg as they are the quickest to bring out a new pro keyboard, and it's been quite a while now..

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