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.... could this news be even more exciting & interesting than the Audya?
Looking forward to more detailed specifications.

Happy Playing

Well, based on the specs I think that the PA2X is not as innovative (is that proper English?) as the Ketron Audya, but the whole package does look very promising. I noticed that Korg seems to have replaced the double midi sequencer with a double MP3 recorder/player. It will undoubtedly also play midi files, but for the pro's this must be a very helpful feature to have on board as standard.

Do you think that the "Real Experience" sounds are somewhat of an equivalent to the Yamaha's Super Articulation sounds?
I do like the "pro" looks by the way, with the clean no-nonsense layout and what seems to be a wood finish on the side panels.

Scott, thank you for adding the photo's!

Tom NL

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