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It seems that the PA2X is simply a repackaged PA800 and the PA800 was a PA1X with better poly and sampling ram. The only significant difference other than that was the introduction of the guitar mode which was really the only innovation between the PA1X and PA800 . Just who exactly needs a motorised display screen ?????????? Just an adjustable one would have done nicely.

It seems that this PA2X is based on the PA800 technology, but hey isn't that what all manufacturers do? In this case they introduced the PA800 first and now the model with 76 semi-weighted keys, no speakers and some pro-features like the MP3 player with transpose function (like the Audya) and 40Gb harddisk. I agree that PA800 owners will not likely be tempted to go for the PA2X unless 76 keys is a must. The same goes for Yamaha: S900 owners will probably not pay the extra bucks for the Tyros2 (almost double the price of the S900). I'm not defending Korg (I have a Roland G70 BTW) but just stating the facts.

By the way, I also agree with you that a motorised display seems a bit over the edge. I would have chosen to invest those bucks in something else (chord sequencer perhaps ).

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