The MS have 4 Stereo Outputs full hardware controlled by Sliders Volumes control and relatve Mute/Unmute.

MAIN OUT XRL: where the sounds engine are routing to this output for the Main powered Loudspeakers.
Monitor/Cue XRL: another Stereo out where you can routing the same Main outs for your own powered monitor Loudspeakers.
Phones: another stereo out where you can routing the all desidered sounds engine.
MIx Out 2: are another 2 jack mono Outs where you can routing what ever you like.

In the 2 Players, we have also the key CUE function, when is selected ON, you can pre listen "cue" one song in another different outputs, like the Phones, Monitor or Mix Out 2.
In realtime with the other 4 slider and ON/OFF key, you can manage the all Audio how you like, or like one DJ mixer console too.