Originally posted by zuki:
No one above mentioned much about 76 keys. Isn't that on the most wanted list for most arranger players (including me). Korg is probably reading this thread and thinking "we can't please anyone".

Well, in case Korg should read this thread: This is just the keyboard I have been waiting for! I had the PA800 in my house for a few days and although I was very much impressed by it's sounds and features, I returned it because I quickly learned that I was spoiled by having the 76 keys and the superior keyfeel of the Roland G70. I did try the PA1X-Pro, and also liked the keyfeel on that, but thought it would be a step back in technology in comparison to the G70.

I also like the clean-cut, stylish looks and the extra features it adds to the PA800 technology besides the 76 keys, like the harddisk and MP3 player. So yes, I will demo it as soon as it hits the store and will most likely end up buying one (and selling my G70 for it).
Tom NL