It seems that the PA2X is simply a repackaged PA800 and the PA800 was a PA1X with better poly and sampling ram. The only significant difference other than that was the introduction of the guitar mode which was really the only innovation between the PA1X and PA800 . Just who exactly needs a motorised display screen ?????????? Just an adjustable one would have done nicely.

Does anyone have any info on how long it will take to load 512mb of ram into the new PA2X ? That could be really significant in terms of its useability in live use but simply wonderful in the studio .

For those with the PA1X and PA800 there is little need to change unless you really need the extra sampling ram and 76 keys. I know the PA800 and the PA2x are supposed to have a new sound engine but in all honesty , i cant hear the difference to the old technology. I challenge anyone to close their eyes and tell me if they can hear a difference between them. And I have listened carefully.

The problem for Korg is that they made a ground breaking and outstanding instrument in the PA1x and they have now simply run out of ideas !!!

PS for those that are keen on selling up or dipping into their savings for this "new " Board please ask yourselves why you did not purchase the PA1X pro or PA800 ?? If you did not like either of those and you dont do a lot of sampling (I dont know anyone on this board other than myself that uses an arranger this way ) then think hard about the wisdom in this purchase.Better to buy a PA1Xpro or elite version 3 as it will be so much cheaper and will have vertually the same capabilities , styles and sound quality.

You can be certain that any new styles in the PA2X will become available in the PA1X and PA800 within the next few months

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