Hi Paul, Joost, and others,

Here my list of wishes/bugs:

1. The biggest one: The Damper Phys. Modeling Effect (in the ProFX library) is not recorded when recording a song using the built-in sequencer (which is my ONLY sequencer, I don't have an external sequencer).

2. When programming a Drawbar perf, editing the values for each track, the 7th and 8th sliders behave strange. I don't remember the exact problem, I will check it out at home again. It's something like: you edit the values for the 7th slider and if you then move the 8th slider, it should go to the page of this slider but it stays on the page of the 7th.

3. When you are in the Tracks screen of a performance, tracks can be switched off and on by just clicking once on the respective button. I would prefer that it works a bit different - first you have to select a track, then the second time you press the button it will enable/disable the track.
Because you don't see all the tracks at the same time on the screen (only 4 of the 16), you sometimes want to only see a specific track.

4. There are several user interface errors, like edit fields which are too small (for instance, when editing negative values of a envelope).

But - I have to say, in my case the system has been quite stable at least, so no problems there.

Best Regards,
(I really hope you can do something for us, Paul!! I can understand you don't like my ideas in my previous posts, but I would like to see the Equinox having an OS that has the same quality of the OS the S2 Turbo had!)