You are absolutely correct, Generalmusic is an Italian company. Mr. Phil Huston and myself work for Generalmusic US, which is Generalmusic Italy. Mr. Phil Huston is the North American Professional Products Manager for Generalmusic. I am the DSM for the West. I make no policies for Generalmusic regarding these issues. Mr. Phil Huston on the other hand does. My message about the work around, were to help, not to flame.

The Equinox has been discontinued for sometime, and there are no plans to update the O.S.. This is from Generalmusic US, Italy. Generalmusic position is that this is a finish product, and when used properly it works correctly.

That being said, I am more than happy to try and help get things to work correctly for you, and any owners. I would need to know exact step by step problem or issues in detail.
Paul Davis