Paul, this is the topic I mentioned before, with my list wishes. I hope this makes my request more.

Dear GEM, please...

[*]1 ADD an option to rename a block on the harddisk. There is now only a load, save and erase function. A rename function would be welcome.

[*]2 ADD an option to use a 'Sound' as source for a new template 'Performance', copying the settings of effects from that Sound to the new Performance. In that way I would be able for example to keep the strings effects, but put a nice piano on top of it, without making a complete make-over to keep that strings effect as in the Sound -> Hope it is clear what I mean.

[*]3 Optimise the sound loading proces. And I mean the loading of WK4 files as object of that. When loading WK4 sounds, 50% is corrupt, I get a funkgitar + warmpad sound mixed with the sample, without an extra layer in the Sound Edit menu (I tried if the Equinox added new layers with those sounds, but that wasn't the case.).

Cris replied to this issue with the following:
As for your point #3, there is a solution. For some reason, when loading sound scripts from the WK series, the Equinox sometimes generates these "phantom sounds" you desribed. These are actually held over from PERFORMANCE mode and are not technically inside the imported WK sound. Try this: after you've loaded your sound from the WK, instead of selecting it under the SAMPLES button, try selecting it in PERFORMANCE mode. Take a single sound performance like THE PIANIST (#6) and then substitute the piano sound in track 1 for the newly imported sound, (which will be in one of the USER banks). You should now hear your WK sound with no additional interference.

To hear the sound correctly in SAMPLES mode, switch to PERFORM and reduce the volume of all 16 tracks to zero with the sliders. Then switch back to SAMPLES and try your sound. It should be ok. If you want, you can also program one of the USER panel buttons to automate this operation for you. Press USER, then select EDIT (F1) and press any button under the sliders. Edit the button's values as follows:

MODE: Internal
FUNCTION: Controller
DATA 1: 7, (Volume)
DATA 2: 0
PART#: Highlight every track.

This user panel button can now be used as your "INSTANT WK SOUND FIX" button.

[*]4 Make the Equinox compatible with loading User Drumkits from Wk4 series. Now, I have a drumkit sound (it is being recognized), but the drumkit sound is empty, I have strange links to other sounds eg a C2 would be a bassdrum, but now it is a sitar sound?!

I think I'll stick with my Equinox and WK4 -

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I think I'll stick with my Equinox and WK4 -