This is an edited quote from the head of Generalmusic Professional Dept for the USA. "The Equinox OS of 11/10/00 is the final. The Equinox is no more. There are numerous workarounds for the Equinox, and when used properly it is stable. Ringling Bros. Circus uses them on tour to do circus music hooked up to a Mac laptop. I use one and have had only one bad crash, and that was because of bad RAM. The Equinox is a twin engine box that defies the logic of every other workstation you ever used, which unfortunately, as a simple wavetable lookup device is the most powerful unit around (not to be confused with the K2600 which is sonically the best unit if you have enough RAM). Roland, Korg, Yamaha, are all behind the Equinox. There are plenty of workarounds on my site. Also, everyone who owns an Equinox shold upgrade to the 8mb BBDRAM, which helps the stability, and they should turn off the "undo" feature because they crash when the buffer reaches critical mass. Besides, with 8mb you can load the cool Pro1/2 piano sounds." The site he was referring to is http:/

Hope this helps.
Paul Davis