Hi Paul,

Unfortunately I cannot reply on the forum of the Equinox at generalmusic.us, so I will do it here. Hopefully you are still be able to help me.

I have downloaded the PHSTUFF.ZIP file and loaded it in my Equinox, to check the Damper Phys Mod Effect.
Unfortunately, also in the recorded songs, the DPM effect is not played back correctly.

I am not sure who answered the question, but please let him try the following:
1. Create a song with only one piano track.
2. Disable the Reverb and MultiFX for this track (SEND value to 0). Enable the ProEFX DPM effect for this track (SEND value to 127 so that it sounds clear).
3. Change the DPM effect so that it does NOT use the Reverb and MultiFX.
4. Make sure the song has Effect Mode "SHARE MASTER".

In this case, the only effect heard is the DPM ProEFX effect in its pure form.
Now, start recording, and of course use the damper pedal. This will go OK.
Now, stop recording and playback the song. You will notice that when the damper pedal was pressed, the notes are longer -- but the DPM effect is not heard!

Can you please try this? When I reported this 2 years ago on the Peavey board, there was at least one other Equinox user who could reproduce this so I doubt it is a exemplary problem on my Equinox.

Hope you can help,