At least, in the service manual of the Equinox the microprocessor mentioned there is the "MC68630EM25" which is (as far as I know) the 25 mhz version of the MC68630.

I respect the Copyrights of Generalmusic - but if Generalmusic states that "The Equinox is no more" (or, better said, not delivering new fixes), then I (as a customer of a well-paid instrument) feel free to take action. (especially because there are many, many users complaining about the quality of the OS - Generalmusic just cannot simply say "there are workarounds!!")

Of course I prefer to discuss my problems with Generalmusic and wait for their fixes - I have done that many, many times on the Peavey board. At least there was "a listening ear" in the person of Chris Anthony, but most of the bugs I reported are still there.

If Generalmusic is willing to fix these, then I would really appreciate that, and I offer my help.
If not, I can not do more than make the best of a Good Equinox with a Bad OS.

And -- don't worry, I don't know anything of MC68630 Asm programming :-) (but I might learn....)


Equinox61_User (a happy one, though!!!! I love my instrument)

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