Wow, I never thought I would see the day when innovative and advance musical technology would be looked down upon.

The negative talkers on the mediastation seem to only focus on whether VSTs would work on a live gig. They actually would as long as the processor is fast and reliable IMO. Like you would do with any arranger, you prepare for a gig before the gig. You set-up the keyboard i.e. EQ, sound and style volume adjustment, song list, reverb, effects and so on.

No professional working gigging musician really just plays the on board sounds and styles on an arranger with out tweaking before using the keyboard.

But the ability to use VSTs is just one good feature about the Mediastation. It’s also a full audio workstation. Where as an arranger from one of the big five manufacturers is just for live gigs, the Mediastation and other computer based hardware units would serve a gigging musician who is in to song writing and recording and could take their work on the road in just one unit.

The other “negative” that some persons attribute to the Mediastation is actually a major positive. The fact that the Mediastation is “incomplete” and is always having updates is one of its strongest qualities. It is not that it is really “incomplete” but they are really adding new features to the mediastation as they become available.

Again, the makers of the Mediastation are trying to change the way we think about keyboards. They are trying to make us think in the same way as we think about computer hardware and software. If you buy Sound Forge 7, when they release Sound Forge 8, would you say that Sound Forge 7 was incomplete”? Probably not. Sure Sound Forge 8 probably had some bug fixes but it also offered some updated features and so on. That is how we are taught to think about computer software. And for the most part, you don’t have to change your hardware.

Contrast that with the Yamaha Tyros 1 and Tyros 2.

In order to do an upgrade, Tyros had to get a new hardware. Now if Tyros 1 was built with upgrade in mind, the new features on Tyros 2 should not have required any new hardware changes. New styles, SA voices, systems settings and operational features should not have required Tyros 1 owners having to get new hardware.
With the Mediastation an upgrade like that would never had required a hardware upgrade.

The only thing stopping the Media station from becoming a major player in the keyboard market is A1 PR and marketing and A1 distribution.

But I am sure for those who have a Mediastation and who are gigging with a Mediastation the benefits probably far out way what ever legitimate negatives there are.

BTW, I don’t have a Mediastation nor do I work for the makers of the Mediastation. I am just one who is able to know innovation When I see it, and one who has an open mind and understanding of keyboard and computer technology.