Wow!! What a Thread!! Thanks!

I hate...

* manufactures shipping half cooked products and letting people wonder how well their promised features would work before buying.

* keyboards not shipping with computer based GUI to its operating system making the user push 100s of buttons even when it's not necessary (e.g. when using for recording or when configuring)

* not having a standard style file format that would only require revoicing (of course when you port from 2 fill-in keyboard to a 4 fill-in keyboard last two fill-ins will be empty. In the other direction they would be ignored) when switching keyboards. (Can even store the choice of voicing for different models if there are meta data to specify the brand and model.)

* technical support reps insinuating we don't know anything about MIDI with comments such as 'MIDI file itself doesn't contains sound' or 'your sustain pedal itself doesn't produce the sustain'.

* charging $200 for a 8MB flash card (Korg FMC-8MB). What is it made of?

* discriminating against non PC users. (e.g. KORG PA80 style converter)

* over-glorified advertising (I like Yamaha people and their keyboards, but their advertising .....)


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