Nice topic Fran
May I bashing my self too?

I hate that my mediastation is not complete of the all features that you are looking for.

I hate that the VST under Linux need the Wine app and we have always to waiting that they continue fix.

I hate that I have only the beta test of the DJ arranger, where we can clone by audio wav all the original keyboards styles.

I hate that the mediastation will be sold only ONE time and we cant asking you more money for the updates.

I hate that we dont have time for make different software for different products, in this way we are able to suck you much more money every 6/8 months, like the other manufactures.

I hate that only Oriental musician have understand the power and the future of the mediastation and not the Europe-Usa.

I hate that the all other manufacture still continue selling you closed embedded system, slow like .....and no full possibility PC share connections.

I hate people that will only Eat the same stuff and they never will try to eating some different because they thinking are not so good.

Anyway, I know that only time will tell what the future holds and we are sure that someday we can make you there all happy.
Like or not, but LIONSTRACS will NEVER closed for make someone there happy...