Great topic Fran!!!

In keeping with your topic, I hate the slow transferring of files from the Gem Genesys to the computer using the CD burner on the Gem Genesys and the lack of rootless chord voicing recognition.
I hate the touch screen on the Korg Pa1x totally useless in a music setting and especially for live playing. And it does not even have a PC editor

I hate the heaviness of the Roland G70 and also the lack of a sampler.

I hate the lack of 76 keys on the Tyros 2 and the spaceship look.

I hate the fact that most persons on the SZ donít have any respect and never took the time to understand the mediastation and itís forward looking concepts and approach to keyboard usage.

Fran you and DNJ would be missed when you all leave or just get so ostracized on the SZ because a few other members just can not understand your brilliance and donít agree with your views on keyboards.

If you don't get a lot of responses on this topic then that would prove what I mean.