Dear Diki
I don't agree with you in all the points.
All the hardware products that are working with software, will be never finish, because we can always updating the product with new features.
This of course depend on the OS you are using for this products.

maybe you remember when Microsoft switch the DOS OS to Windows NT, windows95, then Windows 98..I tough that was the LAST and best OS and they sell out and you had buy too.
then is born the windows Xp, for sure you have canged your PC and installed it, you tough that will the last better and stable OS.. BUT not...need the service pack 2 for fix a lot of bugs..
Now they have the windows Xp for the 64bit CPU, but is NOT working well BUT they still sell the OS upgrade package...are you sure that this new OS is ready to sell or is still a Beta OS?

Don't worry that the same is for Apple, I still use one Powermac 333Mhz with the OS 9, is working fine for my CAD, but I know that give the new Apple G5, OSX 10...

Same way is for the keyboards manufactures, do you think that they in the last 20 years still recycle the SAME OS without fix bugs and add new features?

I own of one Roland G-800/megafloppy and Korg Trinity, I tough that was the best keyboards, complete of all the features possible.
Not true...Korg released a lot of new feature, V3... HD recording...Roland remake the G-800 to the G-1000 with the HD included, then the VA7...
I have to continue? Understand the concept?

;ediastation is one nice and OPEN system keyboard, born with the Athlon 32Bit CPU and now we produce with the 64Bit CPU, this because the hardware PC changed too.

same is for the OS, 2 years ago the Linux was not so powerfull like now, just read again the windows and Apple story too.

We continue updating the Mediastation OS with new features and for sure more months pass, more new features will be added, BUT this do NOT mean that you have to change the Mediastation, like the other manufacture.

Untill the other manufacture will NOT switch to the PC system, you NEVER can have there the GIGA support, VST plugins, Full internet, Video and Audio production center.
You mean that one your keyboards is ready to open vst?

Or open one HDR like protools?

Or play styles with Giga sounds?

Or streaming styles with full audio files in realtime under cubase sx?

When they can arrival in our point, will pass YEARS and after this years, what the MS is able to make??

About the high cost of the Mediastation...I think that the official price, Euro 2600 for the standard MS is not so high, the MS Expanded cost officially Euro 3300, less than another Pro Arranger keyb.
Updates in the MS cost FREE and every 20 days are available, in the other keyb you have to continue pay for the new features and styles.

anyway, for what the MS can do right now, is still much more than the other keyboards, of course we have to fix our stuff too, but this happen in any products, Yamaha, Roland, korg too, don't worry.

Example is the Korg Oasys, soon will be available the new OS 1.2
what it mean? that they untill now have release one NOT complete and BETA keyboard??
Maybe they in the next future will add the GIGA support and MAYBE the VST?

Then is better for you wait more 3-5 years... maybe the windows XP Pro XX 128bit is ready, the Apple X40 256Bit, AMD CPU 512Bit, T-10, E-8000...MAYBE then you can have the RIGHT hardware/software....