Ok I'll bite......

I hate arrangers that have "sequencers" on them that are little more than recorders. I hate arrangers that are sold as complete but actually are still work in progress like the G70.

I hate the over emphasis of key feel as oposed to instrument sound !

I hate the weight of the PAX1 and its cumbersome operating system!

I hate the fact that Ketron SD5 comes with atonishing sounds and new features like the riff function but then takes away basic functions like a sequencer ?? What the hell is that about ????

I hate the fact that the Casio MZ2000 has ceased production (cause from what i have heard it was truly ahead of its time and in a price range to suit everyone.

I hate the fact that if i want to buy a decent arranger i have to be prepared to take out a mortgage to afford one (hence my next upgrade is likely to be 10 years from now !)

But the thing i hate the most has nothing to do with the instruments.

I hate the apparent loss of cameraderie that used to exist on the Zone and I long for the good days to come back before we destroy this sanctaury for enthusiastic and experimenting amateur and pro musicians....